• Spiritist Meeting of Central UK


    1st Spiritist Meeting of Central UK

    Manchester, 3 March 2018
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  • British Union of Spiritist Societies


    Working together
    for a better world

    BUSS aims to promote Spiritism according to Allan Kardec’s codification.


    BUSS, the British Union of Spiritist Societies, with over 16  local Spiritist Teaching Centres across the UK and more Groups awaiting affiliation, it offers everyone the understanding of the universal spiritual principles, through seminars, conferences and meetings. BUSS maintains a website to disseminate Spiritism and unite Spiritist Societies. If you are interested in learning more about Spiritism, we invite you to read through this website and join us in our studies and lectures.

    Spiritism is the New Science that has come to reveal to mankind, by means of irrefutable proof, the existence and nature of the spiritual world and its relationship to the physical world.” 

    The Gospel According to Spiritism, Chapter 1, codified by Allan Kardec.

    The British Union of Spiritist Societies, BUSS, is a non-profit organisation with the mission of helping the promotion of Spiritism and the Spiritist Teachings, as well as supporting Spiritist Groups in the UK.

    We host seminars, educational events and maintain stock of Spiritst books, which we sell via our bookstore. All of our workers are unpaid volunteers, who donate their time and skills to BUSS.

    Your Donations are Welcome

    If you would like to help BUSS with a donation or if you would like to be a volunteer at BUSS, please contact us via e-mail: office@buss.org.uk

    UK Registered Charity No. 1136512



    Dear friends,

    We invite you to open your hearts and join us for one minute of prayer, where we can send our combined energies of love and peace to all the incarnate and discarnate of the world, no matter who they are, or where they are.

    Together, we can radiate goodness and bring calmness to those who have been affected by all recent tragedies.

    We invite you to join us for one minute at mid-day, 12:00 local time, no matter where you are in the world so that we can generate a continuous pulse of energy around our planet.

    All minds connected together in silence, concentrating on love, peace and goodness, which will help those who have been affected by these events, as well as those who committed them, helping to remove negative thoughts of others who might want to seek out revenge. The world is growing in love and spiritual goodness.

    The Spiritist Teachings teaches us to pray, to forgive, to help the misguided to come out from the darkness, as we are all brothers and sisters.

    United in prayer, we can help remove the influence of the desperate Spirits who seek to guide unfortunate souls towards negative actions.

    We should include in our prayers the families and friends of all those affected, and all those who may be suffering, to give them peace and comfort too.Through our positive vibrations, we can help prevent more pain in the future, by radiating light for the whole world. We pray for betterment, for peace and for love.

    Please join us, mid-day, 12:00 your local time, so that we can be linked together in thoughts of light and love.

    So be it.

Allan Kardec - Spiritism

All the works of Kardec are related to each other, in parts, chapters and articles.
It's Kardec explaining Kardec. For further information, please visit: http://kardecpedia.com/en

  • Andre Luiz series of books

    A short collection of enlightening messages, from Andre Luiz, suitable for daily reflection and study. Andre Luiz, the spiritual author of these books, had been a doctor while incarnate. He had no special religious inclinations but led a normal life, dedicated to his medical profession. However, upon returning to the spiritual world, he found himself in an unpleasant environment, alone, in a dark zone, where he was very unhappy and bewildered.

    After an extended period of time, he was rescued from this region and found himself in ‘Nosso Lar’, not understanding what had happened to his life. Throughout these books, we begin to follow his gradual spiritual awakening, leading him to become a spiritual Teacher. His awakening to the spiritual reality of life after death corresponds to what many unbelievers go through when they leave their physical body.

    Andre Luiz Books Serie Life In The Spirit World

    The Andre Luiz series of books is recommended for the continuation of Spiritist studies after, or alongside, the books by Allan Kardec. Reading these books in their original sequence is highly beneficial, as this order represents a steady line of progress and deepening of knowledge. These books were received through psychography (or automatic-writing) by the Brazilian medium Francisco Candido Xavier (Chico Xavier), who was one of the most prolific mediums to date.

    We have great pleasure in introducing you to this very special series of books, and invite you to read them, study them and share them with your friends and family. We are sure that you will be thankful for the day you found this series of books by the spiritual author Andre Luiz. Listing in chronological order:

    • Nosso Lar (or ‘Our Home’ or ‘Astral City’)

    • The Messengers

    • Missionaries of the Light

    • Workers of the Life Eternal

    • In the Greater World

    • Liberation

    • Between Heaven and Earth

    • In the Realms of Mediumship

    • Action & Reaction

    • Evolution in Two Worlds (to be translated and published in English)

    • The Mechanics of Mediumship (to be translated and published in English)Francisco Candido Xavier

    • Sex and Destiny

    • Disobsession

    • And Life Goes On