Spiritist Books

You can order any of below books via email, please send any query or order to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

1. Chico Xavier Medium of the Century, UK Edition

2. Christian Agenda, UK Edition

3. Courage, UK Edition

4. Disobsession – Andre Luiz, CEI

5. Green Light, 2nd UK Edition

6. Learning how to Pray - (Childrens' book)

7. Life’s Triumph – FE Editora

8. My First Teddy Bear (Children), UK Edition

9. New Clothes for Old Souls (Reincarnation- Guy Lyon Playfair)

10. Obsession, author Divaldo Franco

11. Reborn for Love, author Dr Hernani Guimaraes Andrade, UK Edition

12. Science & Spirit, UK Edition

13. Spiritual Help through Spiritual Healing

14. Spiritual Help trough Spiritual Healing, BUSS UK Edition

15. Suicide, All You Need to Know-Causes & Consequences, UK Edition

16. The Astral City - Life in the Spirit Word, from Andre Luiz, UK Edition

17. The Big Bad Wolf Reincarnate - (Childrens' book)

18. The Blue Island, UK Edition

19. The Pathway, the Truth & Life, 1st Edition

20. The Shadows lifted from Death, UK Edition (Spiritual Colony as the same as Nosso Lar)

21. The Soul of Matter, from Dr Marlene Nobre

22. The Spiritual Issue of the Animals 

23. The Wicked Queen - (Children's Book)

24. Thought and Life, BUSS UK Edition

25. What is Spiritism? CEI-EDICEI Edition